nine stories about love


text: Giovanna Zoboli
illustrations: Ana Ventura
size: 21cm x 23cm
hard cover with 33 pages
ages: 0 – 99 years old
english version
ISBN: 9788461458950
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“ There was a man who felt he was full of rain. «I have moisture everywhere,» he thought, and ashamed, because people love the sunshine, and when the weather is bad they snort, at best. One day, it was a very hot summer day, he passed by a garden. There he noticed a half-dried tree, so shabby it did not even complain any more.


Nine tales about the love for the fellow creatures, for the weakest and smallest creatures; about the happiness to live loving all living creatures; about the awe and the wonder created by the beauty of nature; about the deep significance of providing aid to those in need. A book that tells love in words and pictures: an intelligent and lively feeling alive, always vigilant, sometimes difficult but all the more necessary to be with oneself and with others in the fullness of a shared meaning.”


Text taken from Topipittori website


Original published in Italian by Topipittori in 2011
Published in English and German by Pistache Moustache in 2011

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