Thoughts make no noise

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The book «Thoughts make no noise» represents a deep and important cooperation between the writer, Constance Ørbeck-Nilssen, and the Illustrator , Ana Ventura. Together they invite people representing all aspects of life, to join them on a journey through a little girls eyes, hereby highlighting a problem that touches us all. Thanks to Ana Ventura’s vulnerable and symbolical approach, her poetic illustrations manage to capture the story of the little girl Shi, and make her story larger than life.


Through every illustration, Ana Ventura communicates a story about a girl who becomes separated from the safe and predictable family-life with her mom and dad. The illustrations change expression when Shi’s father dies, showing a journey of contrasts; From light to dark, from strength to weakness and from nearness to distance, all describing the strong influence of her father’s death on her life.


But through every image there is always a drift of light and hope. Life is a process, an eternal nature that never takes short-cuts. If you stick to your path you will find your way.


The challenges make Shi forget her age and position, and she becomes the “adult” that helps her mother. She comforts and supports her beyond what is expected for a girl at her age. One day Shi`s mother disappears. She is left alone and has to move to another family. This event alters the direction of her life radically.

Thank you Ana Ventura for bringing my story to life.



Please see more info about how I made the illustrations for this book in Picturebook Makers Blog.

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Ana Ventura


Constance Ørbeck-Nilssen


978 829 286 33 81

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