O Rapaz que não se tinha quieto

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He was a boy. He was a kid. And he liked to travel. But lads weren’t made to drift around from place to place, from dream to dream, desire to desire, so his parents were told there in the village where he lived, surrounded by tall mountains on all sides. So this kid boy, but who was never ever quiet (people have legs and not roots like trees, so that they never stay in the same place!), decided to build a high granite tower, piercing the sky atop the highest mountain in his village, lit like a lighthouse, by a flock of stars, in the hope of being seen by a ship that would rescue and take him with him along around the world.


This is a book about desire, the desire to learn more, to always go farther and farther; because man is a strange desiring animal that is never pleased and holds, deep in his chest, a disproportionate ambition to reach beyond. It is the only animal that builds desires over desires, over other desires and yet, as soon he reaches them, he finds himself chasing a new desire, leaving behind the one he has just reached. And this kid who desires more than all men, will also be able to achieve his dreams, with stubborn company, always shining at his side.


Rita Taborda Duarte


Ana Ventura


Rita Taborda Duarte



978 972 212 68 09


by Juan Manuel Costa

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