Our Sky

About This Project

OUR SKY is a small piece of sky built by two: Ana Ventura and the spectator.


A shared creation of a work of art is proposed, motivated by the suggestive theme that the night, the stars and the universe offer: mystery, dream, secret, memory. The factual invitation happens through the elaboration of an invented constellation, uniting several stars to make an image appear, at the free will of each one. The possible results are infinite. Therefore, each screenprint will be custom made and unique.


To make the collaboration between the artist and the public work, the screenprint comes along with a custom made pencil designed by the artist and produced by VIARCO to help in the construction of the constellation. A common sky, a private constellation, a work of art: OUR SKY


Dora Batalim


Screenprint limited edition of 72 copies.


Centro Português de Serigrafia + VIARCO

Art, Collaborations, Illustration