Words, Sprouts & Scribbles

About This Project

“Words, Sprouts & Scribbles” is a compilation of children’s poems directly from the imagination of Gemma Martí O’Toole. Gemma Martí O’Toole’s poems are packed with tenderness and of those childhood memories that we want to pass on to our little ones… Those adorable, fun times we would like to freeze and keep a small drawer to be able to relive with a smile, where the animals and natural elements are always the main characters. The poems are a glimpse into a precious and naturalistic world and allow us to enjoy the beauty and subtlety of the environment, making our children sensitive towards ecology and sustainability.

The author opens the doors of her world and in these poems shows that life is simple and beautiful. Speaking on equal terms with our children, she guides them within her personal sphere with respect and complicity. Without unnecessary ornamentation she escapes the conventional allowing her stories and characters to connect with their young (and not so young) readers.

Her texts are clear and concise, using simple language tinged with a bit of mischief. The poems, in essence, convey values ​​such as imagination, humility and courage to our little ones, through fun and fantasy. Nevertheless, her poems are very strong visually and can captivate those who read them. The situations and characters depicted are so easy to understand that they quickly come to life in our imagination. How amazing it is to learn while you dream… Non other than Ana Ventura would be the ideal combination to illustrate them. Her personal language, her organic characters and sensitivity are the perfect choice to bring these poems to life and create unique.



Marta Garreta


Ana Ventura


Gemma Martí O'Toole


Vinyl Wall Decal

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