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About This Project

Converse participates in (PRODUCT) RED which is designed to deliver a sustainable flow of private sector money to The Global Fund to invest in AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria programs in Africa and elsewhere. Converse’s goal is to market 100 Converse (PRODUCT) RED shoes beginning Spring 2008 to kick off a year-long celebration of the cause.


I was invited to participate on this wonderful project and this is my contribution.


The holes for the shoelaces are mouths and hears that send and receive a message. These mouths belong to characters that communicate between themselves via a thread that unites them: the shoelace. This thread (the shoe lace) came from a red mouth to invite everyone to join this idea: join red. A red mouth to communicate, to join efforts and unite in a common purpose, so that through communication we can lend a helping hand.


People are located in different areas, sometimes opposite areas, lands and continents apart: left and right sides of the shoe, African and American continents. Let’s give them the chance to meet and communicate! Because to communicate is also to put something in common.


The characters’ on the shoes have gardens on their heads, a symbol for life energy, positive feeling, for flourishing lives in a perfect human ecosystem, and a ecologically responsible one.



For more information, check out joinred.com

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