About This Project

CASA (HOME) Exhibition is an initiative by the Portuguese illustrator Ana Ventura, who has invited illustrators and graphic designers to participate, based on the concept CASA as a common link between the proposals that are displayed.


Ana Ventura’s idea arose in the workshop she gave in Madrid with Literatura Vertical in May. All the artists who would be at CASA met there: Karishma Chugani Nankani, Cecilia Moreno, Marta Garreta (Lamaga), Esther Gómez, Isabel Moltó, Blanca Helga and Ana Ventura.



Ana proposed a game: each of the artists was to prepare an envelope with papers for each participant. And they should choose papers for the warmth, intimacy and textures that they offer, besides being very versatile. Each would send 6 envelopes with papers, and in turn receive other 6. It was a way to get many papers in a short time, and as would be logical, each selection contained a bit of the participants’ personalities.



And what was done with these papers? Whatever they wanted to do, having the word CASA as concept and starting point, and whatever it suggested to them. All seven artists live apart (Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​Madrid) and Ana Ventura chose “CASA” to create a link between all of them, shortening those distances: each one has their own universe, their personality, their style… that ends up converging in a big HOME, a place for meeting, for dialogue between its techniques and plastic languages.




Ana Ventura